Meet Kelly Weston.

Kelly Weston | Online Personal Fitness TrainerFor $39/month, you will receive a new Fitness Program every month from Kelly Weston, Your New Personal Trainer!

  • New Home Workout Videos on the 1st of Every Month!
    • Workouts require 2lb. weights.
    • Kelly offers Bonus Workouts in case you want to take it up a level and use a Resistance Band, Pilates Ring, or Foam Roller. These workouts are optional, but they are a great addition to your program.
  • Exercise Technique Videos to learn proper form for each exercise
  • 9-week Nutrition Program included with membership!
  • Kelly’s Instructional video on how to do High Intensity Interval Training
  • Fitness Journal: Submissions are sent directly to Kelly!
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Recent Fitness & Nutrition Articles posted by Kelly
  • Suggested Workout Schedule

Easy Communication| Online Personal TrainerKelly’s Home Workout Videos Include: Pilates, Strength, and Cardio Interval Training

Kelly is your Online Personal Trainer and BFF. The one you turn to for much needed advice, encouragement, and support. Together you will accomplish goals and make lasting life changes. Sign Up Here




Build Lean Muscle & Kickstart your Healthy Lifestyle

Save time and money with our home workout videos available to you online. We are confident you will love our Home Workout Program! Sign Up Here

It’s All About You.

Once you sign up for our home workout membership, you will fill out a Personal Evaluation Form. Kelly will design a home workout program to match your skill level and experience. Kelly will motivate you, answer questions, and hold you accountable with your Fitness Journals.

Stay Connected.

We’ve made communication a snap! Easily chat with Kelly using your Fitness Journal, the Contact Kelly form in the members area, or via our linked social networks and email. Interpersonal communication is so important and so easy!


Proven Track Record

Success rate of typical fitness programs
Success rate of the I'm Fit & Happy Program

Your Home Workout Program| See Results.

Kelly Weston | Personal Fitness InstructorThis is your chance to workout with a Los Angeles Personal Trainer without breaking the bank. Get the personal attention you want, the challenge you need, all on your schedule.

I’m Fit & Happy will help you create a new lifestyle with small changes now and big results later. No gimmicks. No Fads. No ridiculous rules.

It’s your turn to say “I’m Fit and Happy!”

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How will I know how to do the exercises correctly?

Each month Kelly will provide you with detailed Exercise Technique videos for the exercises that will be part of your monthly workout routines. You can watch these videos as many times as you need to understand the proper form, position and technique, just as if Kelly were with you giving you personal instruction. 

Is there variety in the program?

Yes! Your Personal Fitness Program changes on the first of every month. You will get new workouts every month to shock your body and keep your body guessing each month!

How can you offer this for $1.30 a day when a personal trainer can cost $800 a month or more?

We’ve created an amazing workout program based on many different fitness styles. Kelly has taken her 10+ years of Los Angeles based fitness training experience and created 100’s of exciting and challenging workout routines. Offering this program online cuts time and costs, the savings are passed to you! 

How do I communicate with my trainer?

You will use the Contact Kelly form located in the members area of the site if you have any questions for Kelly. Kelly also tracks your progress and holds you accountable with your Fitness Journal located at the bottom of your Personal Fitness Menu. You will be able to access your Personal Fitness Menu on your computer, phone, or tablet. Have a challenge? Need some clarity on an exercise? Kelly is just a few keystrokes away.

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