What Clients Are Saying

I have been training with Kelly for several years now.  When I first met her, my mantra was “who cares if I have no core as long as I’m thin.”  Kelly has taught me how wrong I was, not by telling me, but by showing me in our workouts.  Kelly has motivated me with  Pilates, cardio, stretching, and nutrition.  I take what she has taught me during our sessions and apply them to my workouts at home.  My body has transformed on the inside and out.  I wouldn’t have been apply to do this without Kelly and her tailored to me workouts! – Gila

I have worked with Kelly every week for over 3 years. When I first started with her I was still using crutches to walk any distance, while recovering from multiple hip surgeries. Her extensive knowledge for working specific muscles and making adjustments during workouts to not use the wrong ones had a huge impact on my recovery. Her enthusiasm has made every workout fun, despite being incredibly hard and time always flies.

After being a competitive athlete for years, I feel that after training with Kelly I am stronger than ever, have better balance and overall am a more dynamic athlete. I wish Kelly had been my trainer when I was competing. She took me from crutches to being back on my skis and road bike. She’s one of the best and ill be forever grateful. – Seth


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